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Following thoughtful consideration, I am making a change by joining a young company, Alkami Technology, as their Chief Technology Officer to build the next generation of online banking experiences. I'm excited to work with a considerable number of veterans in the banking technology industry space, an area I have enjoyed improving for the past nine years.

For my insights on technology's role in financial services, ethics, and social media, join the conversation on my new blog: Knowledge is Capital.

Bringing together a document composition expert with the USPS's OneCode Confirm team, I have architected a new offering at MSI that any organization that contacts customers through mail will be interested in reviewing. Check out our innovations to MSI i-Verify. © Myriad Systems, Inc.

Ever busy working to improve the way we interact through the useful application of next-generation technology, I'm pleased to direct you to the announcement for MSI Return Item Processing. A core-agnostic, completely ANSI X9.37 based solution for every paper item in a financial institution, RIP was the brainchild of industry veteran Dan Haffner and myself to 'put a nail in the coffin' for expensive paper returns. © Myriad Systems, Inc.

A culmination of an 18-month long project, in which I coordinated a partnership between FedEx and MSI, I am pleased to announce a next-generation expedited payments service that brings the first real-time, high-volume expedited paper check payment instrument to retail banking customers. To see more about this unique solution I architected at MSI, click here.

Following an intensive collaborative effort with some of the top .NET and Flash developers in the southwest, the result of our research and development at MSI has been published in Patent Application US 2007/0088671 A1.